Bangalore: Guide to Get

Jack of All Trades

When the Archaeological Institute of America needs an expert to help it navigate Bangalore, it goes to Annapurna Garimella, founder of Jackfruit Research and Design. A Columbia University art history Ph.D., Garimella and her team create bespoke tours that use local scientists, architects, and historians to provide insight into Indian culture both past and present. Itineraries have included excursions to Bangalore’s archaeological sites and textile centers, and days often end with a traditional local meal. Trips beyond the city range from one-day visits to the 1,000-year-old town of Melukote in southern Karnataka to a ten-day tour through south India’s Deccan Plateau, during which guests meet with artists, designers, and heads of nonprofits to gain better understanding of the region’s crafts. 91-80/2580-0733;