Hermès Has a New Ultra-Luxe Riding Saddle

Thierry Billet

It’s designed to put the rider as close to the horse as possible.

If owning a Hermès riding saddle seems like the most luxurious thing you could do, then you’re in luck. The brand just announced the new Vivace Saddle––a notably thin design that aims at putting the equestrian as close to the horse as possible.

According to InStyle, the saddle was revealed at the 2019 Winter Equestrian Festival where equestrian Lucy Deslauriers took the new design on its first public ride. This was also her first competition as an Hermès Partner Rider.

Courtesy Hermès

The luxury fashion house actually starting out making harnesses and saddles in 1837, so this news isn’t as random and it may seem. Many Hermès designs, including the new Vivace Saddle, feature a saddle stitch––a nod to its early history. As InStyle humorously points out, you can still purchase all kinds of horse-related products on the website (“An Hermès orange horse coat! An Hermès Crossover Noseband Snafflet! What a life!”)

The saddles are retailing for $8,200 on the Hermès website. And if the horses modeling the new saddle are the most elegant creatures you’ve ever seen, we don’t know what is.