Departures 100: 2017’s Best Books List

Our curated book recommendations for the year ahead.

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OF 18

At A Moment's Notice

"A moment—you can feel it," says photojournalist Harry Benson, 87, the subject of a new documentary film Harry Benson: Shoot First. "You don't just stand there smiling at it. The camera is around my neck saying, 'Use me! Use me!'" The native Scot rose to fame shooting the Beatles’ invasion of the U.S., in 1964, and has since captured instants as memorable and diverse as the Reagans dancing in the White House, Michael Jackson on his gilded throne, and the smashing of the Berlin Wall. “A good photograph is a glimpse into a moment that’s gone forever,” says Benson, who has shot for magazines such as Life, Vanity Fair, and The New Yorker. “It cannot happen again. If you haven’t got the picture of something, you really haven’t gotten anything. Words can be made up.” In select theaters, and on Amazon Video and iTunes.

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