The Ultimate Culture Guide 2009: Z

Zara Likes it Hot

First she did Princess Diana, then Marlene Dietrich. Now dancer Zara Deakin brings her spidery elegance to the role of another pop culture icon in Marilyn. Created by Deakin’s husband, the adventurous Danish choreographer Peter Schaufuss, the ballet—or, rather, “dancical”—arrives at London’s Apollo Theatre from June 3 through 13.

The piece, which debuted in Denmark last year, focuses on Marilyn Monroe’s vulnerable side, a child abandoned by a schizophrenic mother and frightened she’ll meet the same fate. Deakin shares the stage with dancers portraying Monroe’s famous husbands as well as her most notorious lover, JFK, who strips her to a glittering body stocking. Songs from the actress’s films make up the score. While there’s no singing, there is some talking—and screaming.

An unlikely hero for these times, Monroe once famously declared she wasn’t interested in money. Instead, she said, “I just want to be wonderful.”