In Rockman's Nature

The artist's latest exhibit in New York

Alexis Rockman is that rare New York art world star who hasn't flamed out: He just keeps going and going. Rockman, now 40, came onto the scene more than a decade ago with hyper-detailed paintings of the natural world in all its entropic glory: Evolution (1992) was an epic menagerie of beasts living, dying, killing, and flying. In The Ecotourist (1997), the artist presented himself as a decaying corpse in a rainforest, his body invaded by beetles and maggots. Three years ago he skewered the ballooning biotechnology industry with The Farm, a cautionary tableau on the human knack for meddling with the natural order. Eight new works focusing on volcanic activity are at the Gorney, Bravin + Lee gallery in New York from March 14.