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Questions for Pete Hamill

Questions for the ex-newspaper editor and author.

Jihae likes to clear her head by walking on the beach. It’s a place she finds calming. Fendi top and skirt.

Film and TV

How Jihae of ‘Succession’ Found Her Flow State

Travel as a tool for cultivating compassion, the power of conscious breathing, and...

Lin-Manuel Miranda, leaning against a shelf inside the Drama Book Shop.


Selling the Drama

A conversation with Lin-Manuel Miranda on theater, creativity, and the endless...

Reclining in her living room.

Film and TV

Saying Yes

Celebrity chef Carla Hall on food, freedom, and always keeping an open mind.

Q: Will print newspapers soon become extinct?

A: Well, there’s an inevitability about where they’re going. For now, it’s like a highway, where there are a bunch of people driving stick shifts and a lot more with automatic transmissions. They’ll coexist for a while, until things start shaking out. But anywhere from 60 to 70 percent of the cost of putting out a newspaper is paper, ink and trucks. It’s not going to work that way forever.

Q: Will you be putting supernatural elements in your next novel?

A: No vampires, no zombies. But what might be coming is a strong revival of the short story. There’s information overload. The attention span is shorter. When I look at people with Kindles on the subway, I don’t think they’re reading Anna Karenina. But if you don’t read, you can’t write. You’re a better lawyer if you’ve read Anna Karenina. There are things that will inform your humanity through great literature that can’t come any other way.


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