Juniper Books Brings Back the Library

Thatcher Wine

Founder Thatcher Wine has created collections for the NoMad Hotel in New York, the green room at the Academy Awards and Kiehl’s retail stores, as well as for private clients. Here, he shares his tricks of the trade.

Q: How did you get started designing personal library collections?

A: I had been going to estate sales and buying first editions as a hobby, and then a family friend asked if I could help fill out the bookshelves in his new Key Island home. So I interviewed the family about their favorite subjects and put together a personalized library for them. That led to other projects, and I eventually turned it into a business.

Q: What else besides creating libraries does Juniper do?

A: I’ll help people find a set of titles—Mark Twain or Penguin Classics or cookbooks—and create custom printed jackets for them. It turns a ho-hum set of books into a beautiful set for gifting or a personal collection. You can’t just go to Barnes & Noble and get an amazing hardcover edition of Tolstoy, for instance.

Q: What do you think every personal library should include?

A: I like to make sure that the classics are well-represented. Certainly Austen, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Salinger. The Russian writers—Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky—are a favorite and popular at the moment as well.

Q: What’s the craziest request you have ever gotten?

A: I had one client whose author friend was visiting, and she actually didn’t own any of the friend’s books, so she asked me to put together a complete collection of them. I told her I’d get a new collection, but she said, “No, they have to look all read and dog-eared and worn.” So I worked with a supplier whose books are usually too frayed for my projects but in this case was a lifesaver.

Custom library-curation services start at $3,000; 303-946-1494;