The Departures 100 | 2013

Here, the 100 (plus a few more we couldn’t let you live without) people, places & things that matter in 2013.

Actually, the 108—because we absolutely had to tell you about them—extraordinary people, places and things you need to know for 2013: One-stop shopping in Mexico City…air travel made easy (and philanthropic)… the second coming of Wolfgang Puck…the best-kept secret outside Kyoto…the world's coolest libraries that make reading look hot…the must-visit villas in Tuscany…and 102 more essential recommendations, from the next frontier in travel to the facialist you need to have on speed dial.



In-Flight Skin Savers
Who to Call for Head-to-Toe Wellness
Intelligent Nutrients
Cornelia Spa at The Surrey
The Holistic Silk Eye Mask
The Spa at Glenmere Mansion
The Spa at Ananda


Top Architecture Trends
Film Find: Caesar Must Die
Vienna’s Furniture Fair
Note-Worthy Museums
The Sculpture House
Curator to Watch: Thierry-Maxime Loriot
A Book of Polaroids
A Guilty Pleasure Online
Learn the Qulture
Artcurial’s Sales at High Speeds


Where to Eat and Drink in the New Year
Spago, Reinvented
Fast Food at the Four Seasons
What Colman Andrews Craves
Winning Wine Regions


The Next-Gen Noguchi
The Bespoke Audi A8
A Smythson Diary
The Sony Cyber-Shot
A Mark Cross Bag
Vintage Luggage
Small-Scale Shopping
Tie on a Travel Scarf
Noise-Canceling Earbuds
Vespa Raises the Bar
Handcrafted Watch Straps
Charles Finch Conquers Swimwear
Tumi Luggage
A Flip-Flop Alternative
Privacy on the Beach
The Touchfire


The Places to Stay Now
Join the Portico Club
Memberships Worth Having
Untouched Oman
Be a Trusted Traveler
Is Montenegro the New Monte Carlo?
Lounging with Turkish Airlines
There Goes the Neighborhood, Copenhagen Style
Eagerly Awaiting J.K. Place Roma
Pack for a Purpose
Best Hotel Gym
A Bicycle Whisperer
The Sleeping Pill to Take
Experiencing Eleven Experience

Contributors: Ann Abel, Colman Andrews, Adam Baer, Nicole Berrie, Tom Parker Bowles, Melissa Bradley, Alexander Chee, Tanvi Chheda, Buffy Easton, Jessica Flint, Elaine Glusac, Michael Hsu, Monica Khemsurov, Marie Le Fort, Josh Levine, Ted Loos, Brook Mason, Sophie Pape, Sophy Roberts, Whitney Robinson, Sarah Rose, Antonio Sersale, Andrew Sessa, James Traub, Kevin West, Alexandra Wolfe

Photo: Scarf, espadrilles, notebook, camera, Vespa, Mark Cross bag, lamp and watches: Tom SC Hierlitz; Diego Uchitel book: James T. Murray; Oman: Bill Phelps; The Shard: © Stellar; Hacienda San Antonio: Mark Callanan; Simon Teakle brooch: Tony Falcone; Liyuan Library: Li Xiaodong; Dovima Paris: Xavier Bejot; Pillow: Steve Gorton/Getty Images; Gibbs Farm: © 2012 Anish Kapoor/ARS, New York/DA CS, London