Always in Demand

Reality, once-removed, at Denmark's Lousiana Museum of Modern Art

Unlike his countrymen Thomas Struth and Andreas Gursky, 39-year-old photographer Thomas Demand did not study with those revered masters of German conceptualism Bernd and Hilla Becher. His cool, reality-once-removed style owes more to Warhol's love of surface and Gerhard Richter's obsession with media and found images. For each of his huge, eerily familiar photographs, Demand, who trained as a sculptor, constructs life-size tableaux out of only paper and cardboard. He lights the scenes meticulously, shoots, and then the sets are dismantled. Look closely at Poll and you'll recognize the stacks of blank yellow computer cards as Demand's version of the infamous disputed ballots at the Palm Beach Emergency Operations Center during the 2000 election. This and 20 other works go on view October 10 in a survey of Demand's work at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, in Humlebaek, Denmark.