10 Foreign TV Shows to Watch Now

Groundbreaking programs that are changing the face of entertainment at home and abroad.

TV has never been better than it is now. Shows like House of Cards, True Detective and Mad Men have raised the bar by miles and managed to attract millions of viewers without pandering or sacrificing intelligent writing. But equally excellent shows have surfaced abroad, beyond the borders of Hollywood.

Known for its crime-fiction predilection, Scandinavia has produced some of the best television made in the past few years. Borgen, for example, explores the heady political battles fought by Denmark’s first female prime minister, while The Bridge sets an unlikely pair of detectives on cross-border (Danish-Swedish) murder investigations.

Elsewhere, supernatural thrillers like the cinematic Les Revenants (France) and sci-fi drama Orphan Black (Canada) are welcome additions to their genres, the UK's Luther (all three seasons of it) continues to be a favorite detective drama and comedy has a strong showing with offerings like Ireland’s Moone Boy.

So whether you’re still lamenting the end of Breaking Bad or counting the days until Game of Thrones returns (April 6), here are ten international choices to tune in to.