10 Cookbooks for Summer

Photos by Tina Rupp

These recipe collections, covering everything from grilling essentials to homemade ice creams, will set you up for a season of good eating.

Summer is made for eating. Picnics and backyard barbecues abound; ice cream and rooftop cocktail hours become the norm. We wait all year for these seasonal dining highlights to hit and stretch them out as long as the sunlight will last.

Delightfully, it’s also a season for cooking—and a new crop of cookbooks covers nearly every summertime scenario there is. Try a new pie a week based on what ingredients are freshest. Learn how to butcher and subsequently grill your handiwork. Discover tips for pickling the bounty. Dive into an ethnic cuisine (in this case, Thai) when you feel the itch to get away.

The best part? The recipes, tips and techniques are all courtesy of chefs and culinary experts, nearly guaranteeing you success—and a summer to savor.