A – Z Guide: Z

Zaha Hadid/Courtesy of Chanel

Zaha’s Road Show

More accurately, it’s Karl’s show. Zaha Hadid just designed the funky, spaceship-like vehicle for the traveling contemporary art exhibition that was conceived by Chanel head Karl Lagerfeld. The Mobile Art pavilion, as it’s called, features 20 prominent artists—Nobuyoshi Araki, Lee Bul, Sylvie Fleury, and Subodh Gupta, among them—who created works inspired by the signature quilted bag that Coco Chanel designed 50 years ago.

The pavilion kicked off a two-year world tour in Hong Kong in late February. It travels next to Tokyo, then touches down in New York in September before moving on to London, Moscow, and Paris. For a designer whose ideas were once so ahead of the curve that she hardly got anything built, Hadid seems to be everywhere these days. Not that we’re complaining. We’ve drunk the Kool-Aid and are ready to board the mother ship and ride off into whatever universe of art-design-fashion bliss awaits....