A – Z Guide: X

Brian Jacson/Sundance Channel

X-rated Animal Planet

“If I were a fly,” Isabella Rossellini says to the camera, in her throaty Italian purr, “I would have sex several times a day, at any opportunity.” The actress herself is dressed as a fly, with wings, fuzzy black body, multiple legs. And the face of Lancôme is hidden behind bulging red eyes. She then proceeds to demonstrate exactly what she’d do if she were a male fly, using a female made out of colored paper.

This isn’t some new Internet fetish, despite the name—Green Porno. It’s a series of eight one-minute films devoted to the mating habits of various creepy-crawlies, which Rossellini wrote, directed, and starred in. The dialogue is pure nature show, but the campy costumes and paper props keep things from feeling blandly educational. This spring the Sundance Channel is distributing the films online and via cell phone. Look out for the one with the praying mantis: The female eats Rossellini’s head while they mate.