Venice Voyeurism: Rizzoli's Inside Venice

Jean-Francois Jassaud

A new book takes us inside a myriad of private homes in the romantic Italian city.

In Inside Venice (Rizzoli; February), famed Venetian art restorer Toto Bergamo Rossi reveals the interiors of 72 properties, lending a chapter to each of the city’s six sestieri and a neighboring island. Rossi meticulously explains the timelines— from their sequential owners to the myriad renovations—of many never-before-photographed private residences, including the sprawling 17th-century Palazzetto Alvisi Gaggia on the book’s cover. He also points readers to accessible destinations such as the Palazzo Mocenigo and describes what makes them decidedly Venetian. “Before, I was focused more on my work as a restorer, literally, in a hands-on way,” says Rossi. “I hope this offers a true picture of the city that many do not often get to see.”