Off the Presses: Nouveau Travel Magazines


What to read of travel writing’s new breed.

A compelling trend in travel magazines is afoot, bringing the power of adventures in print back into our homes—and onto our coffee tables. Avaunt (, launched in April from Dan Crowe of Port and British polar-explorer Ben Saunders, is a biannual full of rakish style and stories by writers ranging from Will Self to actor Terence Stamp. Sidetracked ( issues in, with the next coming in February—is a beautifully designed inventory of boys’ expeditions, from canoeing in Alaska to author-climber Kenton Cool’s harrowing descent from a Himalayan peak and discovery of a man in a tent, dying of altitude sickness. The Travel Almanac ( claims to be the first “true post-tourism publica- tion,” focusing on how journey and destination penetrate aspects of every- day life. As for revolutions online, Roads & Kingdoms ( brings edgier journalism to travel as we know it now. It started as a Tumblr blog in Myanmar, but now covers travel, food, and politics worldwide, with the loquacious Anthony Bourdain as editor at large.