Girls, Girls, Girls: The Buzziest Word in Book Titles

The one word publishers can’t get enough of.

First there was The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, published in the U.S. in 2008, which spawned dozens of forgettable copycat titles. Then came Gillian Flynn’s runaway 2012 best seller Gone Girl—and girl began popping up in titles in every permutation. Sometimes the word pays off (see 2015’s The Girl on the Train) and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s a numbers game, and the competition is steep: The five biggest publishers will put out some 30 such books this year, up from about 20 in 2015. Here are the seven girl books to know in 2016.

Girl + Miami madcap = Razor Girl

By Carl Hiaasen

A bumbling police officer tries to solve a murder involving a scammer nicknamed Razor Girl ($28;

Girl + bildungsroman = The Girls

By Emma Cline

An impressionable teen falls in with a violent, Manson Family–like cult in 1969 ($16;

Girl + Shakespeare = Vinegar Girl

By Anne Tyler

This modern Taming of the Shrew touches on marriage, science, and immigration ($25;

Girl + thriller = All the Missing Girls

By Megan Miranda

The Girl on the Train for 2016. Two girls, a decade apart, go missing in a rural town ($17;

Girl + Nordic noir = The Crow Girl

By Erik Axl Sund

After a boy is brutally murdered in Stockholm, the investigation tests a detective and a psychotherapist ($20;

Girl + Wall Street = The Girl From Home

By Adam Mitzner

A hedge funder suddenly loses it all and falls for a troubled former classmate ($18;

Girl + small-town drama = The Flood Girls

By Richard Fifield

Newly sober Rachel returns to her Montana hometown, and no one is happy to see her ($17;