Berd Vay'e Crafts Mind-Bending Sculpture From Vintage Watches

Courtesy Berd Vay’e

Each piece took four days to make.

There are many different mediums artists use to create their works. There are oil and canvas, clay, film, and more. But two artisans chose a rather unique item as the inspiration for their creations: clocks. They source vintage watches and parts from across the globe to make one-of-a-kind pieces that celebrate their love of horology. And they may have just released their most fascinating one yet.

Called Hallucination, the sculpture features a skull made from 1,000 to 1,500 individual watch components encased in a crystal-clear Lucite cube. Each piece is from 50 to 100-year-old timepieces globally sourced and restored. The head seemingly floats in space and changes appearance from different vantage points, which inspired the name of the piece.

This is the first two-in-one sculpture from Berd Vay’e, taking double the production time of any other piece in its collection. According to the company, the creation process takes a full three to four days as layers of Lucite need to be carefully cast to ensure there are no air bubbles and to create the "natural magnifying effect to better view the vintage watch parts within."

The interior sculpture is then baked in a 1,000 degree Oracle oven to make the "cube and skull within fuse together in crystal clear harmony." The result is a 9.5" x 9.5" x 9.5" conversation piece that weighs 39 pounds.

This piece comes after the artisans created their signature sculpture, Lost in Time, which featured a similar Lucite skull design "with watch parts within it to represent an active mind." The new piece takes it one step further in design and difficulty by adding that surrounding cube while maintaining the clear vision.

Hallucination was created as a limited edition run of 999 pieces and retails for $6,900. It also comes with gloves to carefully handle the previous object and a .925 silver plaque designed to depict a jewel from a mechanical watch gear.