On Instagram

What top photographers really think.

“It’s very of the moment. Fast and little edited and a bit too much all the same thing. Images start to look alike in this context. Posting is a creative output and at the same time an act of self-indulgence. Is it really your moment or a shared Instagram moment?” —Ilan Rubin

“I don’t like to use digital that much, and I don’t use social media either. I use large-format film. My motto is: ‘Film is made to remember, digital is made to forget.’” —Robert Polidori

“I stink at Instagram!!!! I am such a voyeur! So much fun! I love it!” —Jennifer Livingston

“Oh dear no. Guess I don’t keep up. I don’t bombard friends with pix.” —Mary Hilliard

“Bruce doesn’t use it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he hasn’t even heard of it.” —The Office of Bruce Weber