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Can Ben Stiller raise millions of dollars in one nightfor the ongoing Haiti earthquake relief effort? He seems to think so.

On September 22, the actor, along with veteran New Yorkart dealer David Zwirner will host “Artistsfor Haiti,” a star-studded Christie’s sale of 26 coveted contemporary pieces ofart. Works by such artists as Jasper Johns, Jeff Koons, Chuck Close, CecilyBrown, Paul McCarthy, Cindy Sherman and more are estimated to sell for anywherefrom $200,000 to upward of $1.5 million each. All proceeds will benefitHaiti-specific nonprofits, including Stiller’s own.

Stiller and Zwirner, who met through their mutualfriend, comedian turned banjo player turned art aficionado Steve Martin,visited Port-au-Prince together earlier this year, and have since securedauction donations from some of the biggest names in the field. “Artists areprobably some of the most generous people on the planet, and when you ask themto be generous for a cause, most of them have a hard time saying no,” says AmyCappellazzo, chairwoman of the Post-War and Contemporary Art Department atChristie’s New York, which is where the sale will take place.

But this time, the artists went above and beyond.“Normally when I handle a charity sale, I treat it somewhat differently than Ido a typical major auction,” says Cappellazzo. “But this is a typical major auction. Itpresents major opportunities for collectors, and we expect to set severalrecords for some of the younger artists included. These aren’t just tokens—somany of these works are among the artists’ most outstanding examples.”

For those shopping the auction, Departures curated a selectionof some of the most striking works. All pieces will be on view at Christie’sfrom September 17–20 in advance of the auction. Bidders, get your paddlesready.


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