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Buy a Van Gogh, Matisse, or Picasso at the Next Christie's Auction

If you’ve ever wanted to own a historic piece of art, now’s your time to shine.


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On Monday, May 13 Christie's Auctions and Private Sales will load up the auction floor with artwork from some of the world’s best artists for its Modern Art Evening Sale. The is the first event in a series that makes up “20th Century Week” at Christie’s New York, which spans six auctions.

It’s hard to pick one that stands out among the rest, given the number of influential artists on the list. Sale highlights include Pablo Picasso’s “Dessin,” Vincent Van Gogh’s “Arbres dans le jardin de l’asile,” Bathus’ “Thérèse sur une banquette,” Paul Cézanne’s “Bouilloire et fruits,” and Henri Matisse’s “Nu à la fenêtre,” among many others.

As you can imagine, adding one of these iconic works to your private collection is going to cost… a lot. Estimated prices start around $300,000, but some masterpieces are expected to go for more than $10 million, including Picasso’s “La Lettre (La Réponse),” which is expected to go for up to $30 million.

The full collection of pieces—which spans the Impressionist, Modern Art, and Post-War eras—showcases a beautiful array of color palettes, textures, shapes, and styles. If anything, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a massive range of iconic art in one place. Many of these works have not been seen in decades, as they’ve been a part of private collections up until now, and they’re expected to go to new private collections meaning there may not be a chance to see them again.

According to a statement from Christie’s the full set of lots is expected to bring in more than $844 million.


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