Artist Yinka Shonibare Shares

Courtesy the artist and Stephen Friedman Gallery

A thought-provoking sculpture goes on display in London.

Nigerian-British artist Yinka Shonibare, who has gained international prominence for his ability to inject his whimsical sculptures with biting political critique, is holding one of his biggest shows to date, “FABRIC-ATION,” on the idyllic grounds of Yorkshire Sculpture Park. One of its highlights is Revolution Kid (Fox Boy), 2012 (pictured): a chimerical young rebel with a taxidermy fox head, clutching a BlackBerry in one hand and a replica of Muammar el-Qaddafi’s gilded gun in the other. Which of the two weapons is more powerful: that of the dictator, or that of the Westernized, social-media-enabled youth opposition that toppled him? Could Mr. Fox be playing both sides? Such is Shonibare’s mastery of ambiguity.

“FABRIC-ATION” is on view March 2 through September 1 at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, West Bretton, Wakefield;