David Wiseman’s Most Ambitious Show Yet

In advance of his forthcoming solo exhibition at New York’s R & Company, the artist talks us through 15 of his newest, nature-focused pieces.

© Joe Kramm/R & Company
OF 16

Hanging Cornucopia in Porcelain and Bronze

“The cornucopia is one of my favorite pieces. They’re really hard to create. I’ve been playing with the process of casting, and for these egg shapes I wanted to see what would happen if I poured hot bronze into a cold mold. I ended up with these lava-like forms because the bronze couldn’t flow. They were sitting in my studio for a year. I started painting them, and then I created these porcelain clusters, which completely clad the interior, and loved the result. I think it successfully contrasts both materials. It’s important to cast hundreds of different shapes so every nook and cranny can be covered.”