Hayri Atak Architects Release Eco-Friendly, Floating Hotel Concept

Courtesy HAADS

The unique design was envisioned for the coast of Qatar.

Turkey-based Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio is really pushing the boundaries of what's possible architecturally. Just a couple of months after releasing images of a bubble-like cubic design that would be New York City's craziest design yet, the firm is proposing a new wild concept off Qatar's shores: an eco-friendly rotating floating hotel.

Aerial view of the Floating Hotel in Qatar by HAADS
Courtesy HAADS

The mesmerizing design features a circular 152-room hotel in the middle of the water, complete with a system that rotates the structure to generate electricity. The hotel would slowly revolve throughout the day, coming full circle in 24 hours. This rotation allows for all of the rooms, which boast balconies, to have changing scenery. Plus, there are three entrances from the static pier, depending on the point of rotation.

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View of helipad and ship dock on the Floating Hotel in Qatar by HAADS
Courtesy HAADS

Beyond the unique offering for guests, the rotation also serves an eco-friendly purpose. The turning acts as a wind turbine to generate the hotel's power while the unique central vortex shape collects rainwater. It's then treated and used for watering the green areas. A separate collection unit purifies wastewater and seawater while the food waste is converted into fertilizer. All of these features are meant to achieve a zero-waste principle and minimize energy loss.

Interior of the Floating Hotel in Qatar by HAADS
Courtesy HAADS

Not to mention, these eco-friendly details make for a visually unique property. The central vortex makes the lobby an awe-inspiring place reminiscent of a modern Wizard of Oz with a tornado-like center. Other highlights include an infinity pool and greenery cascading down the hotel's balconies (every room has one). Guests also have a mini-golf course, gym, spa, and sauna available to them.

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To access the floating hotel, there are several floating platforms to accommodate all forms of transportation. Guests have the option to arrive by car, boat, or helicopter.

While the team has not stipulated a completion date, they're aiming for 2025.