The Ad Agency of 2016

A Manhattan-based boutique ad firm fuses art and advertising—and the MoMa takes notice.

To succeed as an advertising agency in 2016, it’s no longer enough to create only ads. New York boutique agency AllDayEveryDay, founded in 2009, operates at the nexus of art and commerce. The 45-person firm, headquartered in Lower Manhattan, produces fashion campaigns, feature-length films, books, and of-the-moment immersive experiences. Say, taking over an abandoned subway kiosk and opening a newsstand, for which the New York Times praised the agency as “a small haven for printed media.” Then, in a modern coup de théâtre, New York’s Museum of Modern Art re-created the newsstand as part of its new photograph exhibition “Ocean of Images.” Now with clients such as Nike and Comme des Garçons, the agency has momentum—and heart. Witness a documentary the firm produced, 52: The Search for the Loneliest Whale in the World, which tracks a whale whose calls are emitted at a frequency unrecognized by other whales. At MoMA through March; 212-708-9400;