Armando Ramos

Armando Ramos
New York City

Firm Description
Armando Ramos' work explores craft, technology and culture while designing and building in varied environments and considering the social and environmental impact. Projects range from rural housing using native materials and solutions to highly complex, technology-driven projects. One significant though unrealized project was a mixed-use building proposed in an undeveloped portion of New York's Central Park.

Approach to Residential Design
Ramos believes design must take a collaborative approach and encompass several disciplines to be successful. Three elements—the client, location and environment—play major roles. In his view, the client is most important in setting goals, providing direction, and ultimately giving the project meaning.

Technology allows architects to explore options to evolve a pre-established concept and calibrate the design intent, along with determining cost and building procedures.

Distinguishing Characteristics
A musician before becoming an architect, Ramos says he's interested in art as much as design. He appreciates the storytelling of music and art, and believes a house must tell a story throughout the spaces and the transitions that connect them. Since its earliest stages, he has worked internationally and he also has experience in real estate development and technology.

Work Influences
As influences, Ramos cites technology, art, music, and nature; the architects Mathias Goeritz, Ricardo Legorreta and Frank Gehry; and the artists Keith Richards and James Turrell. The case study housing program in the mid-1990s also interests him, along with construction processes. "At the moment, I'm enjoying seeing my two-year-old niece Lucia discover the world around her and find amusement in everyday life."

Year founded: 2001
Number of employees: 6
Services: Architecture, urban planning


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