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8 Stunning and Remote Destinations That Are Only Accessible by Yacht

While remote, these beautiful destinations are worth planning a trip around.


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The world is becoming a smaller and smaller place thanks to the advancements in air travel. Throughout the year, airlines fly some 4 billion passengers around the globe as they go on undoubtedly excellent adventures. But, if you’re looking for a truly unique getaway different from anyone else you won’t be able to get there by plane. You’re going to have to get there by boat instead.

While planning your next journey look beyond the obvious and point your search toward the far reaches of the planet. Then, find a yacht worthy of your vacation time and set sail. Here are eight places around the globe you can only access by yacht, but trust us, they are all worth the trouble.

The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The Galapagos Islands, an archipelago located off the coast of Ecuador, is teeming with wildlife thanks to decades of hard-fought conservation. And all that conservation has led to restricted access to most of the islands. In fact, there is just one airport among the 14 main islands in the Galapagos, meaning you’ll have to get to the others by boat. You could always charter your own yacht, but it may be best to hop onboard a mega-yacht like those from Ecoventura. The boats bring just 20 people on board at a time, ensuring you have a personalized experience while protecting the animals that inhabit the islands as well.

Petite Martinique, Grenada

Petitie Martinique is a place tailor-made for pirate lovers and those looking for a truly deserted island experience. Located off the coast of Grenada visitors will find this diminutive island waiting for them to explore. The island comes with no customs, making it an easy place to visit for just about anyone. And, the island’s 900 residents are more than happy to share their crystal blue waters and handful of restaurants with you too. To get there, charter a yacht with Pure Grenada for a sailing adventure you won’t soon forget.

Taha'a Island, French Polynesia

All of French Polynesia’s islands are worth exploring, but for a bit of an off-the-beaten-path trip set your sights on Taha’a. Truthfully, there’s little to do on Taha’a island except relax and enjoy the view of Bora Bora just a few miles away. But, that’s just what makes it so special—the solitude. If you do choose to go onto the island there is still plenty of hiking, a few vanilla plantations and a local eatery or two to dine in. To get there charter a yacht with Tahiti Yacht Charters. Go for one of its luxury offerings or be a true seaman about it by boarding one of its catamarans.

Zakynthos Island, Greece

Truly, you can’t go wrong with taking a vacation to just about any Greek island. But, to make your visit even more special hit up the island of Zakynthos, the southernmost Ionian island that’s only accessible by boat. The island is filled with stunning beaches to explore, sea turtles lounging on the shore, and Bokhali, a picturesque Greek town unlike any other. Book a charter on Yachtico and set sail as soon as possible.

Dusky Sound, New Zealand

All around New Zealand’s coast yachters will be delighted by drop-dead gorgeous scenery and sweeping views. However, none can touch the beauty of Dusky Sound, one of the 17 fjords in the Fiordland National Park. On the island, visitors will find no roads or shops, or really any trace of humans at all. But what they will find is pure, unadulterated natural beauty as well as some of the most pristine diving in the world. To get there book a stay with Pure Salt charters to see it for yourself.

Stocking Island, The Exumas

One goes to the Caribbean for two reasons: to swim in gorgeous blue waters and to have fun. And on Stocking Island you can do both. Located across the harbor from the port of Georgetown, Great Exuma, the island is officially home to just 10 people. However, it more than makes up for its diminutive population with massive beauty. On the island, guests can explore its many beaches, get up close to the stingrays, or hike through its nature preserve. Book your journey on Dream Yacht Charter and enjoy the views for us while you’re there.

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Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia

Rather than just stopping at one place why not visit 1500 islands in one go? You can do just that by booking a charter to the Raja Ampat Islands, an archipelago off Sorong. On the islands, visitor can find themselves (purposefully) lost in thick jungle, go diving with the teeming aquatic life in the surrounding waters, and also take the time to turn off from the rest of the world. Because in the islands you’re just about as far away from the rest of the world as you can get. To get there book a charter with Ultimate Indonesian Yachts to see as much as possible.

San Blas Islands, Panama

If you want your boat to take you off the grid you don’t need to sail off the edge of the Earth, you just need it to have it take you to the San Blas Islands off the coast of Panama. The 378 islands are so remote that they don’t even appear on Google Maps. Around the islands, yachters can explore hiking trails, meet with locals, and dive in the waters below. The only thing the people living in the islands ask is that you leave them as beautiful as you found them. Book a trip with San Blas Sailing for the best island cruising imaginable.


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