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These Are the Most Expensive Tourist Attractions in the World

From Burj Khalifa to Buckingham Palace.


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If you’re really looking to blow some money on a next level experience, there are a ton of places around the world you can do so. Ticket Lens Magazine—a resource focused on sharing information and prices on experiences around the world—recently pulled together a list of the experiences around the world with the highest admission prices. Surprisingly, none of them come out higher than $100—but if you’re traveling with a group, prepare for things to get a little expensive.

Of the top 20, No. 1 comes from the United Kingdom: The Warner Brothers Studio Tour–The Making of Harry Potter will put you back nearly $60 per ticket. No. 2 on the list is only slightly cheaper at $57.48, which is Hengdian World Studios in Dongyang, China. From there, you’ve got the Burj Khalifa ($55.65), Madame Tussauds London ($45.58), Spyscape ($42.24), Trolls: The Experience ($39.80), the Empire State Building ($39.79), Top of the Rock ($39.29), Color Factory ($37.81), and the Palace of Westminster ($36.46) rounding out the top 10.

At a glance, this serves as an interesting look at not only the variety of tourist activities around the world but also the rise of ticket prices. Dig a bit deeper and it can serve as a valuable tool for planning your vacation. Many of the spots on the list are family-friendly locations and experiences, meaning saving a few bucks—or at least knowing how much you’re going to shell out on admission prices—can make all the difference.

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Ticket Lens pulled together a list of 20, so head over to its website for a peek at the full breakdown.


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