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There's a Frank Lloyd Wright Home in This Tiny Wisconsin Town—and You Can Stay There

Two Rivers, Wisconsin, a small vacation town on the shores of Lake Michigan, has a hidden gem: one of designer Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpieces. Best of all, it’s available to rent.


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The home, known as Still Bend, is one of 11 Wright homes available for overnight stays in the United States, according to the Post Cresent.

As the home’s website explains, in 1938, Life Magazine, in collaboration with The Architectural Forum, invited Wright to design a dream house for one of four typical American families. The homes had to work for a family with an income ranging from $2,000 to $10,000 a year. (To put that in perspective, a dentist at the time made about $5,000 annually.) Wright designed his modern house for the Blackbourn family of Minneapolis.

“American (I prefer to say Usonian) family life is unlike any other in the world and I think this plan recognizes it for pretty much what it is — a little private club — with special privacies, ultra conveniences and style all the while,” Wright wrote in a letter to the Blackbourns.

Though the Blackbourns weren’t able to build the home, Bernard Schwartz, a businessman from Two Rivers, was. Schwartz worked with Wright to build the “Dream House” with a few minor changes including switching the building materials and adding a second-floor balcony over the living room. Wright even designed a few accessories for the home including tables, chairs, and built-in bookshelves.

Today, the dream home is owned by brothers Gary and Michael Ditmer, who make it available to the public for both tours and overnight stays.

According to the home’s 131 Airbnb reviews, staying overnight is well-worth the $450 a night price tag.

The home has four bedrooms and four bathrooms, enough space to accommodate eight guests comfortably. The listing also notes the home comes with “two fireplaces in the main living area you can snuggle up with a book, enjoy one of the many DVDs about Frank Lloyd Wright, or watch the wildlife outside as the bird feeders become the social gathering place for the birds of the neighborhood.”

The only downside is the fact that your own house will look downright pedestrian after staying in a house like this. But, at least renting Still Bend could provide all the interior decorating inspiration you’ll ever need.


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