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VistaJet Launches Private and Exclusive Multi-Stop Itineraries to Help Their Guests Explore Safely This Summer

Private jet vacations with minimal contact and maximum peace of mind.


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Today, VistaJet introduced VistaJet Safe Havens, a new, minimal contact and ultra-private way to see the world. From VistaJet World, Safe Havens is a portfolio of multi-stop itineraries, curated in partnership with upscale tour operators, like ROAR Africa, Abercrombie & Kent, and Blue Marble Private.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, precautions including distancing, masks, minimal contact, and increased hygiene practices are paramount for anyone considering travel. The number of possible touch points decreases significantly when flying private. In fact, passengers can expect an estimated 20 interactions when flying private compared to 700 interactions when flying commercial. VistaJet—an early adopter of COVID-19 safety measures in response to the initial Wuhan outbreak—achieves this level of safety through private security, thoroughly cleaned aircrafts shared with no other passengers, and small but well-equipped flight crews.

Thanks to the elevated sense of security that comes with flying private, VistaJet has seen a 71% spike in first-time passengers who do not typically use private aviation. This prompted the launch of Safe Havens, a collection of seven curated trips all offering complete privacy, adherence to rigorous health standards, and minimized contact. The destinations: Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, the Maldives, Colorado, Jamaica, South Africa and Antartica, France, and Scotland. In essence, these trip packages offer a holistic experience, with VistaJet not just handling flights but collaborating with tour operators to produce tailor-made holidays for luxury travelers intent on seeing the world while keenly observing pandemic precautions.

VistaJet World’s South Africa and Antarctica Safe Haven experience, in partnership with ROAR AFRICA brings travelers through private air terminals and to exclusive-use lodges with a dedicated team of pilots, chefs, rangers, and guides. Guests will safari in South Africa in complete isolation, social distancing with elephants and lions on a 100,000-hectare private reserve before heading to Whichaway Camp in Antarctica. In Antartica, the safari continues, this time with Emperor penguins and secluded hikes through ice tunnels.

The Colorado itinerary is a western dream-turned-reality, curated by VistaJet World and Blue Marble Private, a travel group creating bespoke itineraries for the most discerning and upscale travelers. Guests will explore a private western town now welcoming a select few visitors for the very first time. The 4,500-acre private town is so exclusive that guests have to sign an NDA to move forward with the trip, which includes private over-the-top spa and dining possibilities.

And in Scotland, VistaJet members can venture to Pittormie Castle, the country’s most illustrious private gated estate and home of The Eden Club. After a private flight, guests will be directly transferred by car to a lavish private residence on the Pittormie Castle grounds.

Suffice it to say, traveling with VistaJet World Safe Havens is all about exclusive-use spaces and rarely unveiled experiences. The goal is to keep travelers exploring previously unseen corners of the world—with appropriate distancing and safety measures in place. Travelers can book a VistaJet World Safe Havens adventure through VistaJet Private Office—price on request.


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