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Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Voyages Launching Perfume That 'Smells Like Ship'

What will Richard Branson think of next?


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Sir Richard Branson is at it again. Ahead of the launch of his first Virgin Voyages cruise ship, Scarlet Lady, the billionaire entrepreneur decided to celebrate by creating a perfume. Always wanting to do things out of the ordinary, the adventurer recently announced the release of Ship No. 1, the "signature scent of Scarlet Lady."

The perfume was created by Air Aroma and was crafted to "embrace the marine and aromatic freshness of sea lavender, contrasted with the warmth of sun-kissed wood from a fig tree," according to the release. Just as the experience guests will have on the new cruise ship, the scent is meant to transport you to a vacation mindset all year long with notes of sea and salt.

"We wanted to offer a sailing experience where being at sea and the amazing seascape was celebrated above all," Dee Cooper, SVP of Design at Virgin Voyages, told Departures. "Not only is this sentiment showcased through our design, but it's also now available through the sense of smell with our signature scent, Ship No. 1. The talented team at Air Aroma developed a scent that evokes the essence of your relaxing vacation on the Scarlet Lady, bringing the aromatic freshness of sea paired with the warmth of the sun to your fingertips."

The scent will be infused throughout the Scarlet Lady. But before the ship sets sail on its inaugural voyage from Miami to the Caribbean in 2020, you can purchase a bottle of Ship No. 1 for $50 exclusively on All net proceeds will be donated to Ocean Unite, which aims to safeguard at least 30% of the world's oceans by 2030.

Of course, in line with the "cheeky and cheerful approach to service" Virgin is known for, the company released a video that looked like a classic perfume ad and featured Branson. The dramatic black and white clip ends with the mogul cheekily saying, "It smells like ship."


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