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Travelers Can Now Join In On A Mission to "Mars"

And it only costs $6,800.

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Space tourism will soon be a reality. Unfortunately, it's likely reserved only for the ultra-wealthy who can shell out six figures for a quick mission. But what if we told you that you could experience a mission to Mars for just under $7,000?

Yes, TripAdvisor Experiences is launching an out-of-this-world package where you get to experience what it's like on Mars. Working with interplanetary agency Astroland, the expedition takes travelers deep into the caves of northern Spain that mimics life on the Red Planet.

The entire "mission" lasts 30 days and includes a three-week training program and three days of psychological and physical training at the Astroland facilities. You finish the month-long experience with three days of complete seclusion in the cave. You have the basics for survival such as astronaut suits, technical clothing, life capsules, lyophilized food, but are ultimately testing what it would be like for humans on Mars. No contact is allowed with the outside world.

"This is an experience that totally takes you out of your comfort zone," Fernando González of Astrolander said in a statement. "You have to adapt, change your mindset – and you have to learn how to do ordinary tasks different than you do them on earth. It really is another world."

The reason for the mission? The partners are hoping to understand the physical ramifications of living in the conditions as well as the societal impact living of living in such a colony.

To participate, you have to apply for a position on an expedition and pass physical and psychological tests. Only five expeditions are available in the coming months—September 22, October 13, October 27, November 10, November 24—and a max of 10 people are allowed per expedition.

Oh, and be prepared to spend a cool $6,800 for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Although, it's a bargain compared to a ride on Elon Musk's SpaceX.


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