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Here’s What Travel Will Look Like in 2021, According to Psychics

Psychics share their predictions for travel next year.


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As the daughter of an astrologer, I grew up learning about the lessons we can find in the skies above us. Though I’m not sure how much of it I prescribe to, I do find it interesting, and at times, an eerily accurate depiction of my life. While living in New York, I visited a psychic for a story I was writing many years ago. He not only curiously described my great grandmother, Elizabeth, who he said was my guardian angel, but he also correctly predicted the first letter of my now-fiance's name — and even what he was wearing on our very first date.

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Psychics have long been a debated topic, with many investing in their supernatural powers and others rolling their eyes in doubting disapproval. While there is no way to prove fortune-tellers exist, it can be exciting and perhaps an eye-opening experience to learn their insights. Since so much of the travel industry is out of our control during the pandemic, we thought it would be fun to hear from psychics and mediums about what they foresee in the next lap around the sun. Below, they share their predictions.

Travel will feel more normal after Labor Day.

After many more months of quarantine and taking precautions, psychic medium and reiki healer Kelly Dillon predicts we will all be able to travel more generally in the summer of 2021. Around this time, she sees the pandemic winding down and many people picking up their old routines and habits. She says Labor Day will be a pivotal point, since she doesn’t think professionals will return to the office regularly until after this summer holiday.

Road trips will continue to be popular, picking up again in April.

With international borders largely closed to travel this year, many people chose to hit the road and visit domestic destinations instead. According to psychic medium Karen Kilmartin, this trend will continue into 2021 and pick up steam starting in April. “Families and families of friends are missing each other and appreciating each other more than ever,” she shares. “We can expect to see more families taking driving vacations to visit family and family-friendly places like Disney World in Florida, the Klondike Cabins in North Carolina, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park, and areas along coastlines.”

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She also predicts that travelers will opt for easy-access motels, Airbnbs, short-term rentals, campgrounds, and cabin stays, rather than busy hotels and resorts. “Car camping and glamping will gain even more popularity, with favored destinations being places that are a four- to six-hour drive from major cities,” she adds.

Business travel won’t return until mid-2021.

Before the threat of COVID-19, business travel was a core feature for many companies. Whether it was a quick jaunt across the country for a client meeting or a handful of annual conferences around the world, hopping on a plane was part of the job description for many executives and entrepreneurs. In the spring of 2020, however, that came to a screeching halt, and everything moved online. Because the virtual work model has been excelling, business travel will take some time to return to normal again, according to Linda Lauren, a fourth-generation psychic medium. She doesn’t think employers will ask employees to travel to fulfill their professional responsibilities, at least not through the first half of 2021.

Tropical destinations will see a surge in bookings.

It’s hard to believe that less than a year ago, we could hop on a last-minute travel deal to somewhere warm and beachy without worrying about a novel virus. Keep dreaming and saving for that trip to a tropical oasis, since it’ll be the ultimate vacation in 2021. As spiritual medium Erika Gabriel predicts, we are going to see a considerable amount of people flocking to tropical destinations next year for some R&R.

International travel will pick up in September, with proof of vaccination.

Pining over Instagram photos of Italy’s shoreline or the once-chaotic intersections of Tokyo? It may be a while before you can put that passport to use again. Kilmartin says travel abroad won’t pick up again until September, and even then, it’ll be a more complicated experience. She says COVID-related documentation will be required, either proof of testing and/or proof of vaccination. She foresees a new stamp within our passports that verifies vaccinations for exit and entry into new countries.

“Americans will flock to Europe to enjoy the history and beauty in countries like France, Italy, and England, Spain, and Greece. The Nordic countries will become popular again later in the fall,” she says. And in early 2022, she predicts people around the world will feel a renewed sense of safety to travel even further, booking trips to Thailand, Vietnam, and China.

The borders will open again in the spring and summer.

While Dillon says a lot of people will be nervous about flying, she also sees many being comfortable with boarding a flight. She believes borders will open a bit earlier than Kilmartin’s prediction, suggesting that U.S.-based travelers will be able to venture to Europe in the spring or summer of 2021. However, she doesn’t think the U.S. will see an influx of visitors right away. “I don’t see many foreign travelers coming to the U.S. until 2022, so tourism in big cities will be down big time,” she adds.

We will wear masks on planes for years.

Even though the oxygen we breathe on airplanes goes through many purifying cycles, Dillon believes masks will become the new normal on flights, due to the tight constraints and recycled air. In fact, she predicts it will be a required mandate for many years to come before the rules are relaxed.

Soul-searching trips will pique the interest of travelers.

Though it has been challenging living nearly every moment of every day inside, this period has also provided many with the opportunity to reflect. Because of this uptick in personal introspection, Gabriel predicts that many travelers will seek soul-searching trips in 2021. “Since we had to quarantine this year, we were asked to look at our life in a very, very different way. Many people were locked in their homes and had to look in the mirror so to speak, take stock, and assess where their life was,” she continues. “Because of this, I have seen so many more people deeply soul-searching and trying to find their purpose and how they want their lives to look.” She sees tons of trips to places like India, Israel, and the Vatican on the rise.

By mid-June, the lights will go back on in Las Vegas and on Broadway.

The streets of NYC aren’t as lively and energetic as usual. But as it always has in the Big Apple, the show will go on, starting in mid-June, according to Kilmartin. “The return of Broadway will breathe new life into New York City. Broadway shows will return to the stage on staggered schedules, and seating will look different to allow for social distancing,” she explains.

As NYC becomes a travel destination again, hotels and tourist attractions will offer special packages and deals to lure people to visit, according to Kilmartin. Corporate apartments and Airbnb-type accommodations will become popular in the city. This is also what will stimulate the tourism economy for the rest of the country.

Las Vegas will begin to bustle around this time, too, Kilmartin predicts. “Casinos, shows, and indoor venues will once again attract tourists from around the country this summer, and from around the world by the fall,” she adds.


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