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The Travel Corporation Hiring Wellbeing Directors to Oversee Safety on Trips

A major travel company announced a new role dedicated to travelers' health and safety.


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While nearly every industry was affected by the spread of COVID-19, travel was sadly pummeled. And though it is starting to gain momentum again, both hospitality businesses and travelers are trying to figure out a safe way to hit the road again. That's why The Travel Corporation (TTC), which owns 30 travel brands, announced new wellbeing policies for its brands' guided vacations.

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Fully appreciating travelers' concerns in this new post-COVID-19 world of traveling, TTC is investing in a newly conceived, dedicated Wellbeing Director (WD) position. These people will be present on every Insight Vacations, and Luxury Gold guided vacation (excluding New Zealand and Australia), beginning with domestic trips this year.

The Wellbeing Directors will be expertly trained in three key areas, including supplier engagement and compliance, daily monitoring of distancing and hygiene standards, and personal support to guests who have any questions or concerns relating to wellbeing measures. For example, the person holding this position will ensure luggage is sanitized during the loading and unloading process.

"As we shift to this new normal and as part of TTC's commitment to provide each guest a greater sense of comfort and care when they travel with us, we have added the support of a specially trained Wellbeing Director on every guided holiday," said Brett Tollman, Chief Executive of The Travel Corporation, in a statement. "During our first 100th anniversary, our Wellbeing Directors' inception is a reflection of our family legacy and company ethos, 'Driven by Service' and is an initiative that came directly from our Chairman."

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This announcement came after the TTC had previously announced its new health and safety protocols earlier this year that complied with the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines and local government regulation. The company also collaborated with the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) to co-create its "Safe Travels and Seamless Traveler Journey" global protocols.

Tollman added, "We remain passionately dedicated to provide our valued guests peace of mind with our unrelenting efforts to create a relaxing, enjoyable and nurturing journey."


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