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Watch the Total Eclipse From a Cruise in Antarctica

It's checking off two bucket lists at once.


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Getting the chance to see a total eclipse is a rarity. Getting the opportunity to travel to Antarctica is equally unique. Getting the chance to do both at the same time? That's a once in a lifetime opportunity. But it's about to be a possibility thanks to Abercrombie & Kent as they're launching an Antarctica and the Total Solar Eclipse Cruise.

The luxury tour operator announced new 2021-22 voyages to celebrate 30 years of expedition cruising and planned one to Antarctica timed with a rare total eclipse in the middle of the southern ocean. From November 28 to December 12, 2021, the voyage will be timed perfectly with the December 4 eclipse with a totality path that stretches through the rarely-visited South Orkney Islands. The next time this would happen is in 2061.

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"All eyes will be on the sky throughout this voyage along the path of totality," Bob Simpson, VP Expedition Cruising, told Departures. "A&K's Expedition Team has determined the ship's ideal location to be positioned in a very narrow band that stretches through the rarely-visited South Orkney Islands. This is where a radiating circle of light will allow for a remarkable viewing time of approximately one minute and 40 seconds—weather, sea, and ice conditions permitting."

What makes it even more unique is that experts, including former astronaut Kathy Sullivan, award-winning astronomer Massimo Tarenghi, and rocket scientist David J. Crain will be on board to explain this rare astronomical spectacle.

"This is going to be a historic opportunity to experience a total solar eclipse alongside the foremost experts in the areas of astronomy, space, and atmospheric elements, to add context to what you're seeing," said Simpson. "And while the eclipse is the key objective for our expedition, it doesn't end there, as guests will have the full expedition experience in the Antarctic Peninsula – simply put, one of the most amazing experiences that a human can have, short of leaving this planet."

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The 15-day cruise starts at $18,995.


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