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The St. Regis Aspen Launches New Wellness-Themed Series With Famed Astrologer

Allow the universe to help you achieve your fitness goals.


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The St. Regis Aspen, an American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts property, is no stranger to introducing unconventional wellness offerings. Last year, the property incorporated adaptogen-rich mushrooms, known for boosting energy and immunity, into a three-course gourmet menu that ended up being a hit among guests and locals.

“Given the spectacular feedback from both guests and Aspen-locals on this unique take on wellness, we wanted to up-the-ante and introduce more revolutionary wellness opportunities at St. Regis Aspen,” said Heather Steenge-Hart, the property’s area general manager.

Enter the Courtyard Chat Series—a new program that will “provide a platform for visionaries in the wellness space whose expertise is in alternative methods to bettering one’s well-being—whether in an untraditional way or in a way that is not yet mainstream,” according to Steenge-Hart.

And the inaugural speaker is none other than famed astrologer Susan Miller. The weekend-long event will kick off on April 3rd and will include a talk (open to the public) with Miller who will discuss what lies ahead of every astrological sign in 2020 and how to make the most of what the universe throws at you.

If you’re wondering what astrology has to do with wellness, well, the answer is a lot.

“It [astrology] helps you plan your career, your fitness, your plan to lose weight, whatever it is, to quit smoking, whatever your desire is, astrology can help you reach that goal,” Miller said. “For example, Aquarius might like to work out at home because Aquarius rules electronics. So they might like a Peloton bike, they might like a fitness CD, they like to be alone when they’re working out so that might work for them. [While] Gemini likes to see other people. What motivates them is the friendships and seeing their friends at the gym.”

If you’d like to get a personalized horoscope, Miller will also hold 60-minute one-on-one meetings during which she can tailor your custom wellness plan according to your sign and birth chart.

The Courtyard Chat Series will also include a private plant-based dinner hosted by Miller and the resort’s executive chef Laurent Pillard as well as meditation and sound bath session to “tune your body and support you in dropping into a deeply restorative state of healing, well-being, and rejuvenation.”


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