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Sleep Under the Stars in Zambia With a Luxury New Safari Package

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While safaris can be one of the most luxurious vacation options, one company is hoping to provide travelers with an experience reminiscent of the earliest explorers. Rather than spending a night in a lodge after a day in the wilderness, Signature Safaris is now letting guests sleep out under the stars as part of the brand new ''Lion Sleeps Tonight'Tonight' itinerary.

The adventurous sleepout experience begins with a night game drive to spot some of the area's most fascinating nocturnal wildlife in the unspoiled South Luangwa National Park. Travelers then set up camp as the culinary team cooks dinner and serves drinks around the campfire. Once the meal is finished, you retreat to your comfortable tents that have only a thin net for roofing, allowing for a clear view of the star-filled sky.

"This sleep under the stars safari is particularly unique as it does strip back to basics," Hazel Adeyemo, General Manager of Signature Safaris, told Departures. "While many other safari camping opportunities, built up camps and plenty of creature comforts, our Lion Sleeps Tonight package gives guests a rare opportunity to sleep under a sky full of stars without artificial light impacting on the experience while listening to the wildlife around you and waking naturally as the sun rises. Equally as important, with no distractions around, guests get the opportunity to really reconnect with each other, too—something that is lost at home when everyday life gets in the way."

For the rest of the luxury safari experience, you'll stay two rustic bush camps far from other camps and people. The simple yet comfortable camps are in the perfect location to explore the surrounding area that's particularly popular for predator sightings, including lions, wild dogs, and leopards.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight itinerary, which starts at $4,700 per person, includes two nights at Luwi Camp and Nsolo where travelers will go on wildlife encounters, both by foot and in a 4x4 safari vehicle.


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