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Singapore's Changi Airport to Debut World's Largest Indoor Waterfall

You’ll be able to hike to it during your layover.


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Airport amenities span a lot of different categories: express spas, first-rate restaurants, notable murals, and art. Singapore’s Changi Airport is about to take it one step further by building a 130-foot waterfall.

Previous to this news, the airport was already well-known for its attractions: a butterfly garden, movie theater, and swimming pool, to name a few. The new community area, simply called “The Jewel,” will be open to travelers starting April 17, 2019.

According to Travel + Leisure, The Jewel will consist of a hotel, hundreds of shops, and what’s being called the world’s largest indoor waterfall. All of this will be packed into 10 stories. To add the waterfall aesthetic, this area of the airport will also feature an indoor forest with all kinds of walkways and paths to hike, playgrounds, and a massive plant collection––one of the largest in Singapore.

The waterfall––which is being called Rain Vortex––will also feature a light show. The Jewel area will be accessible from terminals 1, 2, and 3. Consider The Jewel less of a terminal and more of a community center; a place to escape the craziness of travel for a few minutes.

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As for the shops, Business Insider shares that travelers can expect to peruse Uniqlo, Muji, and Zara, among many (many) others. If you’re interested in seeing the complex before it opens up to the public on April 17, there are free preview tickets being offered. Between April 11 and April 16, those with tickets will be able to tour the soon-to-open attraction. For more information on getting access, head to The Jewel Preview website.


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