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These Are the Wellness Offerings on the World’s Longest Flight

Imagine getting off the plane feeling better than you did when you got on.


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The longest flight in the world clocks in at just under 19 hours, carrying passengers across 9,500 miles on the long-haul Airbus 350 from Newark to Singapore. Before boarding, I was already feeling anxious about what I would do by hour seven — or ten — or sixteen?!

Here’s the solution: if you fly business class, and choose to cash in on the Canyon Ranch wellness offerings that the iconic wellness brand’s partnership with Singapore Airlines has created specifically for the flight, 19 hours will feel a whole lot shorter. Therapeutic, even.

Below, we’ve got your one-stop guide for how to come off a 19-hour flight feeling fresh and totally rejuvenated — maybe even better than when you got on the plane.

Locate the stretching videos, and use them.

Your body is not meant to be seated or lying down for anywhere near 19 hours, full stop. And getting up to use the restroom a couple times doesn’t cut it. I wanted to get my blood flowing and stretch out my muscles at least two to three times during the duration of the flight, and Canyon Ranch made this super easy. On the seatback entertainment screen, I located the Guided Stretching Videos, which are lead by Canyon Ranch exercise psychologists. I did a few of these, and also added in my own mini-Yoga flow (which was surprisingly easy on the lay-flat bed).

Opt for the Canyon Ranch menu.

You might be tempted by some of the sweet and savory menu offerings that aren’t created by Canyon Ranch, but if you really want to elevate your therapeutic experience, we suggest you try Canyon Ranch’s special menu that focuses on hydration and nutrient-rich foods. (They even provide nutrition information, like the number of calories per dish). On the way to Singapore, my favorite snack was a light mozzarella and smoked salmon salad with microgreens and balsamic. I also really enjoyed the fresh juices onboard. On the way home from Singapore, I feasted on roasted fennel and peach salad, and later braised grass-fed beef short ribs with turmeric cauliflower mash. It was divine.

Say no to booze, and sip on an herbal tea instead.

There is something extra-special about having a glass of champagne delivered to your business class seat on an airplane. There is also something extra-hard about having to say no to it. But your body will thank you dearly later on. Instead of accepting bubbly, wine, or even the famous Singapore Sling (just wait until you land for that one), opt for an herbal tea. My recommendation is to order the special Bain de Roses Tea — it’s a blend of Darjeeling, rose, and vanilla makes for a delightful pre-snooze drink. I also loved the TWG Jasmine herbal tea.

Get comfy — and when it comes to TV, less is more.

In addition to a special menu and stretching guidance, Canyon Ranch has installed special ambient light settings in the cabin to ensure that passengers can get the best snooze possible. And once you’re ready to get sleepy, it will only feel natural to scroll through the entertainment options. I wasted no time slipping on the ultra-soft socks that Singapore Airlines provides (seriously, they’re really soft), and surrounded myself with the (three) fluffy pillows. And I was so tempted to watch movies (okay, maybe I watched one or two). However, while you might want to binge-watch your way through HBO for the full 19 hours, there’s no doubt that blue light from the screen isn’t going to aid your sleep. If you really want to do it right, maybe watch an episode early on in the flight, and then get some reading in before you slide on your eye mask and drift into a herbal-tea-induced coma.


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