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Skip the Flight and Enjoy the Northern Lights From Your Couch

Nature's stunning light show is coming to your home.


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Getting the chance to see the colorful northern lights is on the bucket list of many. But with global travel restrictions in place, it's not easy to see them this year. Luckily, the Aurora Borealis can be viewed from the comfort of your home. This is Arctic, by Visit Arctic Europe II, selected four local Aurora hunters to take visitors on their Aurora hunting trips, sharing their photos and videos along the way.

Usually, Aurora hunters would take visitors on real-life trips to see the northern lights in the northernmost parts of Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Instead, Harri Tarvainen and his dog Kaffe, Steffen Fossbakk, Magnus Winbjork, and Per Lundström will be taking the trips solo, documenting their every move on Instagram Live, stories, and feeds starting next weekend.

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"I can't think of a phenomenon more magical than the northern lights," said Tarvainen of northern Finland in a statement. "A strong Aurora show gives you a real cocktail of emotions. Respect, awe, joy, and gratitude."

Lundström, who lives in Luleå, Swedish Lapland, added, "The feeling of seeing the northern lights is really special, as it feels a bit like you were out in space and see more of what is happening outside our planet."

How can you watch it? The trips will be announced on This is Arctic on Instagram. From there, you will be directed to a live hunting trip on the individual hunters' Instagram accounts. Based on local conditions, one photographer will begin his Aurora expedition, and you can join in by following. Then, when conditions are right in another location, another Aurora Hunter will begin his trip.

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While the exact timing can't be guaranteed, the Aurora Hunters use technology to estimate the best times and conditions for seeing the northern lights and begin their hunt based on the analysis.


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