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Go Back in Time With Scotland's Most Wish-Listed Airbnb Properties

These stunning properties have travelers dreaming of castles and beautifully preserved Scottish stays.


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If there's one thing most travelers to Scotland have high up on their must-visit list, it's castles and historic manors. In Aberdeenshire alone, you'll find so many castles there's a whole castle-spotting trail. But why not take your Scottish castle-hopping to the next level on your next trip and actually stay in one?

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Travelers around the world are dreaming of doing just that it appears. According to home-sharing platform Airbnb, the three most wish-listed properties in Scotland are fairytale-worthy castles and historic churches-turned Airbnbs. They all feature different grandiose elements one would expect from a historic stay—think dramatic arches, ancient bricks, and even watchtowers—but with the added modern comforts, likely fully functioning WiFi. Imagine having an entire castle's grounds all to yourself. You can't quite get this experience by checking into a fabulous hotel.

Looking for somewhere unique to sleep on your next Scotland trip? These historic Airbnbs around Scotland are topping travelers' dream listings.

Elegant 18th Century Castle: Edinburgh

Few things are as extravagant as a stay in an actual, real-life castle, and this grandiose 18th-century space just twenty minutes outside of Edinburgh is no exception. Set within a 50-acre estate of wooded parkland, Melville Castle was at one time the hunting seat of Mary Queen of Scots. Renowned Scottish architect William Playfair designed the 32-bedroom castle for entertaining on a grand scale, which it continues to do to this day. Available from $150 per night.

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Dairsie Castle: Fife

While some castles on Airbnb are available to book by room, Fife's 12th-century Dairsie is available to book in its entirety, so you and you're 14 nearest and dearest can have the entire castle grounds to yourselves. This Medieval property comes with all the castle amenities one could hope for, such as vaulted ceilings, a great hall, a watchtower, and six acres of grounds ready to be explored. Available from $1,439 per night.

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Unique Church Conversion: Glasgow

Glasgow is a spectacularly beautiful city and this two-bedroom church conversion sits right at the center of it. Soccer fans will love the location too, as you'll be a hop away from Queen's Park. While the façade oozes history, the interior has all the modern comforts, from work-from-home worthy WiFi and a kitted out kitchen. Available from $196 per night.


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