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This $17,000 Italian Island-hopping Adventure Comes With a Helicopter and a Private Boat

And you’ll get chauffeured to the helicopter in a Rolls Royce.


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Summer is for island hopping. And while, of course, the island-hopping possibilities are truly endless, from the likes of Tahiti to the Grecian coast, you can’t go wrong choosing a favorite European city as a home base and exploring from there. This summer, American Express Fine Hotel & Resort Property, Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Resort is encouraging guests to use Rome as their base to see the Italian Pontine Islands.

As part of their Live Unforgettable campaign, Rome Cavalieri is creating beyond-luxe experiences that guests can’t find elsewhere. Their latest experience, tailor-made for those taking a Hepburn-esque Roman holiday this summer, includes the trinity of enviable modes of transport: a Rolls Royce, a private boat charter, and a helicopter. Between the three vehicles, guests get to spend the day exploring the Italian Pontine islands. The Pontine islands, within the Tyrrhenian Sea, are an archipelago midway between Rome and Naples off the western coast of Italy. The islands are home to idyllic Italian fishing villages, and surprisingly, aren’t overrun with tourists, partially because many travelers still haven’t heard of the six small islands making up this stretch of paradise.

Excursion guests will start their day in the hotel’s Rolls Royce, which takes passengers to the Urbe Heliporte. Next, of course, is the helicopter transfer, which is quick but wildly scenic, providing bird’s eye views of Ponza, Palmarola, Zanone, and Ventotene islands. Upon landing, it’s time to board the boat that brings guests from island to island, allowing them to explore the most remote snorkeling locations and revel in complete seclusion off the Italian coast.

And of course, for $17,000, there are a few other bonuses onboard the boat, including a private tour guide, a delicious lunch sourced locally, and a duffle bag packed with designer necessities like swimwear, hats, and coverups. So in addition to the once-in-a-lifetime experience, you also get a bag full of Italian shopping wares to take home with you.


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