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On Your Next Trip to Africa You Could Help Fund Sustainability Investments in the Communities You Visit

A travel company partnered with a tech company to create a unique itinerary.


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Roar Africa is known for its luxury safari vacations across Africa. But their passion for creating bucket-list getaways is matched by their desire to give back. And now the travel company has combined the two. Beginning in 2021, an offset program will be part of all travel itineraries.

The program is possible thanks to a partnership with innovative tech company Proof of Impact that looks at impact data and transforms it into positive solutions. They have used this expertise to create experiences for travelers to see first-hand the impact funding has on African communities. This is accomplished through a portfolio of impact events funded by Roar Africa, where guests can track results, donate in real-time, and then visit the programs they contribute to.

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For example, travelers going on the upcoming Emirates Executive Jet Safari, The Greatest Safari On Earth, will get to be part of the installation of 69 solar panels in local villages in Rwanda, the planting of 1,300 trees, creating access to freshwater for 3,000 people in Kenya, and funding the protection of a rhino calf through Rhinos Without Borders in Botswana. And this in addition to the offset effort where everything from the flight to Africa and plastic used to fuel and even human waste is neutralized.

“When influential travelers see first-hand the effects of climate change, and the solar and conservation projects in the communities, they are moved to help in whichever way they can,” Deborah Calmeyer, CEO and founder of Roar Africa, told Departures in a statement. “The days of just buying carbon credits with no proven impact are over; travelers want and can now engage with the places and communities they are sharing experiences with through this unique offering.

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She added, “Our hope is that all our guests will be able to support these kinds of projects and initiatives in real-time in the communities they visit. This ensures our vision to making responsible travel matter and ensuring all Roar Africa trips go beyond carbon neutral.”


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