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This New Superyacht Has an Underwater Lounge

That’s just one of the incredible features on the luxe vessel.


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Superyachts always come with over-the-top amenities and design features. But one new concept might have trumped them all. British design studio Sturge Design unveiled its new 315-foot yacht that features a partly-submerged lounge.

The Rimor X was designed in collaboration with Pelorus to access the most remote parts of the world and truly be a modern floating mansion. It can sleep 14 guests spread across seven staterooms, including two VIP suites with decks. Also onboard is a sleek gym with unobstructed ocean views, a pool, jacuzzi, indoor/outdoor pool house, helipad, and spa. But the highlight has to be the Mermaid Lounge.

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The large living room is partly-submerged beneath the water, so passengers can lounge while watching sea life float by through 21-foot-high windows. “Not all of the yacht’s guests might be extreme adventurers,” said Pelorus founder Jimmy Carroll. “Some like small children or more elderly grandparents, can’t swim, snorkel, or dive. This is a way for everyone to enjoy the water.”

Views are a huge part of the design. There’s also an observation lounge with panoramic vistas across the bow, the pool house has wraparound windows, and the spa deck looks out onto open water. “From the layout, it’s obvious that each of these spaces has their own intimacy and function,” said project leader Toby Sturge. “This allows all family members to enjoy their own time on board while still being together all on one incredible deck stretching from stern to bow.”

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As far as life off the ship goes, the yacht was built to accommodate adventures. A mudroom will let passengers clean off from trekking through a jungle while paddleboards, jet skis, and a submersible will encourage guests to explore the water around them. The ship can even be equipped with snowmobiles when the yacht travels to snowy surroundings to see the northern lights.

“There are so many explorer yachts that can go anywhere,” said Carroll. “Yes, this can go anywhere, but it brings the exterior and interior together. What’s the point of an expedition in beautiful places where you stare out through tiny windows. It’s about gaining as much exposure to the world as possible.”


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