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Vacation Like a Billionaire on Richard Branson’s Soon-to-open Second Private Island

Richard Branson's new private island may be cooler than his first.


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Richard Branson is ready to welcome you to his private island. No, not Necker. His new one, Moskito, which is set to open this spring.

After calling Necker Island his home away from home for more than 30 years, Branson acquired its neighboring island, Moskito Island, in 2007, and is finally ready to open it to you.

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Situated on 125-acres of idyllic island land, and just two miles from Necker, Moksito is currently home to the 11-room Branson Estate, Branson's private home. That property will soon be the first of all the estates on the island to become available for rent, so you too can live like a billionaire on vacation.

"Despite the name, Moskito Island is no different from the rest of the British Virgin Islands when it comes to any flying creatures you might encounter," the island explained on its website. "The first printed reference to the island labeled it as 'Musketa' which was likely an old anglicized spelling of the word musket. By the mid-nineteenth century, the name as it was written had evolved to Moskito..."

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The hotel added, a small resort and restaurant inhabited the island from the mid-1960s until the early 2000s, when Branson purchased the property and began development in 2010. Since then, Branson has sold off plots of land to a small number of owners, making it "the most exclusive homeowners association in the world."

As for what you can book soon, the Branson Estate is available for future 2021 bookings. Beyond the villa, guests can relax in its recreational areas including a water sports center, a Beach House, an infinity pool and bar, tennis pavilion, and dining outlets. Rates to book out all 11 rooms, which sleeps up to 22 people, begin at $25,000, and for guests staying on their own, the single occupancy rate is the island's standard double occupancy rate minus 25 percent.

See more about the island and booking options here.


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