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This Destination Is Still On Richard Branson’s Bucket List

Even Sir Richard Branson still has travel goals.


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It’s hard to imagine there’s a place on this planet that Sir Richard Branson hasn’t been. But, the billionaire still has destinations on his bucket list like the rest of us. Of course, he’s been vocal about his goal to venture to space on Virgin Galactic (he plans to do so this July). After that though, he has his sights set on a particular location in the ocean.

“The Puerto Rico trench, which is five miles from where I live in the Virgin Islands is full of Spanish galenites,” Branson told Departures. “It’s 28,000 feet down, and nobody has ventured down there. Just imagine being the first to go down to the bottom of the Puerto Rican trench. So many ships are laden with gold at the bottom. I want to see what wildlife and fish life are down there. That’s on my bucket list.”

It makes sense the mogul has the sea on his brain as he just announced that Virgin Voyages is officially open for business, with the company’s first ship, Scarlet Lady, now open for bookings for her inaugural season. But, he wants to take ocean exploration beyond cruising and personal adventures. “Once Virgin Galactic is completely hammered down,” he said. “I want to get working on Virgin Aquatic and build submarines to explore [beneath the ocean surface].”

And knowing Branson, he’ll check off his bucket list quickly. In 2016, the adventurer said he wanted to complete the Virgin Strive Challenge with his son and daughter and did so. He described the trek as “the toughest mental and physical test of my life, but it was also wonderfully rewarding.”

Incredibly, in 2017 the wealthy Brit—who has been to all seven continents—admitted he had never been to a destination on many people’s bucket lists: Machu Picchu. “I’ve been so fortunate to travel the world,” he wrote in a blog post. “But I’ve never been fortunate enough to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. I’m in awe of the UNESCO World Heritage Site’s beauty and history. Perhaps another family challenge is on the cards… Peruvian style!”

It seems he hasn’t completed that journey yet either. So, perhaps in 2019, we’ll see the bold Branson head to space, below the sea and the Sacred Valley.


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