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Traveling around the world has never been easier, given all of the travel agents, cruises, companies, and brands that tailor experiences to every whim and want. Now Regent Seven Seas Cruises is getting in on the around-the-world travel bug with a trip that will bring you to 17 countries over 120 nights.

The dramatic name of the trip, “Navigate the World—Elements of the Pacific,” is reminiscent of a Mission Impossible film and I would imagine any passenger would feel like they’ve been plopped directly into a movie plot given the incredible sights they’re in for. The cruise will bring you to 43 UNESCO World Heritage sites—including the historic city of Ayutthaya in Bangkok, the Himeji Castle in Kyoto, and the volcanoes of Kamchatka in Petropavlovsk—and to 17 countries. The cruise includes 18 overnight stays in various cities around the world, like Singapore and Honolulu.

In addition to the offshore activities open to all guests (think: a sushi dinner and tea ceremony in Tokyo, a dinner show and dragon dance at Vietnam’s Vung Duc Cave, and a three-course lunch and performance at the Sydney Town Hall), there are optional overland activities (all three days long) you can add to your itinerary: an adventure into the Waikato in New Zealand, a deep dive into Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, and a trip to the Great Wall of China.

The question on all of our minds: How much does an exclusive cruise around the world cost? Prices for the new Regent Seven Seas Cruises adventure start at $63,999, everything included. The fun starts in San Francisco at a pre-cruise gala before you take off. Aboard the boat, you’ll be joined by a 500-member crew for your 28,000 nautical mile journey. The less fun news? This cruise doesn’t take off until 2020.


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