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Marvelous Mrs. Maisel's Rachel Brosnahan Reveals Her Secret Favorite Getaway

A certain southwestern city has the actor's heart.


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Rachel Brosnahan's life is all about New York City. The 29-year-old attended New York University for college, lives in the bustling city, and stars in Amazon's Emmy-winning The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, set in the Big Apple in the 1950s. But when the busy actress needs a break, she heads to one rather surprising destination. Brosnahan opened up to Departures as part of her partnership with Cetaphil (she always travels with the brand's mini cleanser and mini body lotion) to share her secret spot and the surprising way she discovered her favorite hotel in the world.

Obviously, you live in New York and film in New York. But what's your favorite city to visit?

Rachel Brosnahan: "It's not incredibly exotic, but Santa Fe, New Mexico."

Interesting choice. Why?

"I spent two years working there on a show called Manhattan, and I fell in love with it. The air feels different there. I feel more connected to the earth and myself. I loved getting to spend time there. It's a small town. It's quiet. The food is amazing. The sunsets are unlike almost any other place I've seen. There's a lot to do, like hiking. And there's a beautiful spot called Ten Thousand Waves. I feel like I'm giving away a secret, but there's a beautiful Japanese spa called Ten Thousand Waves, and that's the place that I go when I want to unwind."

How often do you get back there?

"I try to make it out there once a year to just take some time away. There's terrible cell phone service at Ten Thousand Waves, which is a gift. Santa Fe has my heart."

Is there a particular spa service you get there?

"They have outdoor baths, which I love. They're just outside in the woods in the mountains. That's probably my favorite part."

Is that where your favorite hotel is?


Then, what's your favorite hotel?

"Oh, wow! I've been to many. But there's one in London that I found by accident because it was the only hotel available over New Year's that wasn't like $6,000 a night. It's called The Stafford, and it's amazing."

What do you love about it?

"I'm half British, so I feel like there's something that feels very familiar there. It's a small hotel that's tucked away right in the middle of one of the busiest parts of London. It's quiet, and the rooms feel like a home. But like a luxurious home with super comfortable beds. The bathtub reminds me of my grandparent's house in London. And they have big, heavy comforters and thick curtains. Then they have a really sweet outdoor space down a corridor. It just feels homey and comfortable, even in a place that's so far from home. I just love the idea that in a city that has so much going on that it's, it's a tiny little escape. I would stay at every time I go to London."


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