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After Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir “Eat, Pray, Love” was released, travelers flocked to Ubud, Bali to have a spiritual journey of their own. It’s easy to find hotels that offer access to energy healers, host yoga classes, or provide space for meditation. But one local property decided to offer a different healing experience: puppies.

While the Puri Garden Hotel and Hostel offers everything you’d expect from a Balinese hotel (yoga, healthy meals, and live music), they differentiated themselves by offering “puppy therapy” sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They partnered with Bali Dog Association, a non-profit that rescues dogs, to bring several puppies twice a week to play with guests poolside.

So, in between catching some rays or catching up on a good book in a hammock, you can squeeze in a cuddle or round of fetch with the playful pups. The hotel provides a penned area as well as toys for the “therapy” session. Not surprisingly, the activity has become quite popular with non-guests requesting access to the puppies. But, the hotel reserves the sweet experience exclusively for those staying at the hotel.

The offering makes sense in a location that’s known for helping people become more centered. It’s been proven dogs can help you be calmer, more mindful, and more present in your life. And the puppies are just one of the ways the hotel is helping you achieve that insight. They also offer traditional Balinese dance each week, a beautiful zen garden, day trips to waterfalls and rice terraces, as well as hatha or vinyasa class for all levels.

And though they’re not the most luxurious hotel in the area, you’ll get a clean minimal style room with wood decor elements and views of the pool or pad. Dorm-style rooms are also available for those on more of a budget, or who simply want to bunk up with fellow travelers. Breakfast and yoga are included in all room rates as is the puppy therapy.


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