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Private Jet and Yacht Company Create Unique Partnership for Summer Travel

Magellan Jets and IYC yachting company joined forces to offer the safest, most purely private way to travel.


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As destinations begin to ease travel restrictions, travelers are trying to figure out a way to safely vacation this summer. Well, a premier private aviation company and the largest international yachting company teamed up to make that happen and will take care of all the logistics for you.

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Magellan Jets and IYC just announced they would be able to fly you privately from your home to a chartered yacht in some of the world's most picturesque towns and islands. Throughout the process, you will only interact with vetted crew and staff, ensuring your exposure to many people is limited. This provides extreme privacy for not only your trip, but also safety as sanitary precautions will be taken.

And if you're not sure exactly where to plan a vacation, the two luxury companies have suggested several itineraries based on what destinations are open. Their suggestions include Florida as its home to miles of turquoise waters and big game fishing. Other easy trips from the U.S. include The U.S. Virgin Islands, where there are secluded bays, Newport, Rhode Island, and Alaska, where you can see some of the most dramatic landscapes. More far-flung and exotic spots include Croatia, which is known for its breathtaking coastlines, Greece, The Bahamas, and St. Barths.

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All of these destinations are now open to travelers and offer the perfect setting for social distancing while vacationing. In fact, the companies specifically created suggested itineraries that take you to the world's most private spots. So, you can safely stay away from others while still enjoying a luxury getaway.

"We can now assist you in planning all logistics for your next trip so that you can travel in complete luxury from your home to your charter yacht," the companies said in a release. "Discover secluded bays, remote islands, picturesque towns, and some of the most beautiful anchorages in the world. Take flight and set sail on your purely private summer vacation today."


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