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You Can Own This Traveling Hotel Room for $87,000

The Ecocapsule is a completely self-sufficient portable pod.


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Don’t you ever wish you could bring the comforts of a hotel room with you wherever you go? Well, now you can. A company in Slovakia created an entirely self-sufficient mini luxury home that’s portable nearly anywhere in the world.

Called The Ecocapsule, the mobile 88-square-foot pod is just like a hotel room with a small kitchen, bed, dining table, cabinets, and full bathroom. The design is clean, with a combination of light wood and white details throughout. It even has air conditioning and heating capabilities that can function through an app on your phone.

But best of all, the portable luxe room was created to function completely off-the-grid. Solar panels and a small wind turbine generate electricity all day, and rainwater is collected and filtered for consumption. That means you can take your pod to the middle of the woods or a beach without having to worry about finding a power source or pitching a tent. You don’t even need to do any site prep as the capsule is ready to be stationed on any terrain.

To move it, the company also developed a custom trailer that can easily attach to the Ecocapsule, enabling you to tow the unit behind your vehicle.

“Imagine. A warm mountain cabin in the great outdoors. A beach cabana on a remote island. A quiet studio in the countryside. A geeky hotel pod near your house. A spot for your loud teenager. Imagine an opportunity to get away and enjoy an authentic life in nature,” reads the wanderlust-inspiring website.

To start, the company made just 50 capsules, some of which are still available. The sales from those will go into a large production to hopefully drive down costs. Interested in being one of the first few modern pioneers? Well, it will set you back at least $87,729. Though the creators claim there are plenty of rental opportunities when you’re not using it.


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